iHack is an electronic music and sound making project for adults (19+) with mental health issues and or additional needs.

Our course starts at 10.00am and 1.30pm on Wednesday 8th May 2019 at South Street Studios. 

iHack is a practical electronic music making project looking to explore electronic music and sound using found objects, electrical items and old broken toys. iHack aims to improve practical and ICT skills, as well as build confidence and self-esteem.

Fun and engaging experiments, games and challenges will encourage a playful approach to music making, with no pre-existing musical ability required. 

Handmade Electronic Music

Week 1: Twitching loudspeakers: creating beautiful electronic instruments out of speakers, batteries, wire and scrap metal (pop tabs from coke cans, loose change, nuts and bolts).

Week 2: Making contact mics: making contact mics out of piezo discs and practicing picking up tiny sounds

Week 3: Amplifying data: setting up tape heads and amplifiers in order to listen to particles of data sitting around on magnetic storage devices, such as data on credit cards or virtual money on transit cards

Week 4: Circuit bending: finding the clock circuit in old electronic toys and using these to bend the sounds they create

Week 5: Video music: translating video signals into sound, playing with light and shade and frame rate

Week 6: DIY FM Synths: building FM synths using Arduino Nano chip technology, some wire and crocodile clips plus a few potentiometers