DJ and Video Production for adults (19+) with additional needs and/or mental health issues

Learn how to be a digital DJ and put on your own event in just 6 weeks. Learn social media and marketing skills safely to promote your event and achievements. The next course starts on Thursday 19th September.


What's going on?

Week 1 - Learn all the commands and controls of a DJ controller: Setting it up, learning what the equipment does, playing songs, song times, cue points. // Learning basics of camera and sound equipment

Week 2 - Learn how to beat match music in order to mix one song into another. Learn how to loop and sample songs in order to add that effect to their mixes. Learn how to programme samples into their sets and how and when to use sound effects. // Introduction into making short films (how to use the cameras in action/storyboard etc)

Week 3 - Prepare a plan for the night as well as a checklist of everything they need to do and bring on the night. Tasks will be assigned to individuals and a plan will be written out with tasks and actions for the night inc roles of: Cashier, Technical manager, Front of house and Logistics manager. // Prepare for event, sort job roles etc. Editing of marketing video and social media promotion.

Week 4 - Introduction to genres and learn how they can fit together. We will look at starts and endings of songs that work well together to help the set flow. // Using video for marketing

Week 5 - Apply knowledge to create a poster and an event on social media. It will then be sent out with the correct tags in order to promote the event. // Design and promote event with posters and short media video

Week 6 Evening - Run event: including DJ Sets, front of house, lighting, sound and scheduling. // Video Stream Gig. Event reflection/debrief, video production of event for further courses. Upload photos, video to social media.

About this course

Former IO Radio DJ Karl Butler approached us with his idea about creating a DJ/Club night for adults with learning difficulties. Fed up of being patronised by SEN Discos playing ‘The Music Man’ and ‘Agadoo’ he wanted to create an event playing the music that he and his peers loved. We decided to take this idea further and spoke to Suffolk County Council’s community learning department about funding a course that taught adults with mental health difficulties and/or additional needs to learn how to DJ and put on an event themselves. Learners on the course would then become the people curating the DJ nights, DJing the music they love for them and their peers. The only thing missing was the equipment! This is where the amazing Ro Williams stepped in to help. Ro wanted to create a regular club night in memory of her son Owen who tragically died aged 39. He was a huge music lover, DJ and radio presenter on Ipswich Community Radio. Ro agreed to help fundraise £2400 to buy the laptops, controller decks and headphones that have enabled this amazing course to take place!

To find out more about Owen and Ro's fundraising visit HERE